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Keeping Faith

Keeping the Faith is a project looking at the lives of ordinary people who are choosing to make a difference in someone’s life, in their community, in the world. People who are living and sharing kindness and compassion.  People who are the "good" we want to see in the world



Dennis's Lambeau Journey

What would inspire a man to leave his home in southern WI on a cold day in February and start walking all the way to Lambeau Field in Green Bay? And let’s say that this man had lost his leg in a car accident and now uses a wheelchair, what could possible motivate him to roll over 170 miles in the middle of winter in Wisconsin?

Dennis (1 of 1)

 Space of Love - Brenda Vetter


Here in our SoL – “Space of Love”, we wish to inspire a shift in perspective. A new story of peace and gentle reverence for all life. Helping to reawaken our connection with animals and the Earth. Caring, advocating, educating and mentoring for the animals through making connections, empowering hearts and opening minds to make conscious, compassionate choices for the animals, the Earth and ourselves.”  -From SoL Criations website

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