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Wildflower Wednesday

This week's Wildflower Wednesday featured flower is Bellwort.

Bellwort is a native spring wildflower that grows in woodlands with dappled light. It often grows in clumps and looks wilted no matter how much water it gets.

The stems are perfoliate, meaning they grow right through the leaf. After piercing through the leaf, it will fork and form another branch. One branch will flower be and be fertile and the other will be flowerless.

Its scientific name Uvularia grandiflora, is believed to have come from the "doctrine of signatures” which was a common theory that God created plants to look like body parts to show what they could be sued for. Bellwort flowers were thought to look like the uvula in the back of the throat suggesting it could be used for mouth and throat problems.

Its common name comes from the shape of its flowers “bell” and “wort” which means plant.

It is a favorite snack of the White-tailed deer, and it will decline in areas that have larger deer populations.

As a flower essence, it aids in overcoming feelings of hopelessness and encourages speaking up for yourself. It also is said to help focus scattered energies and thoughts.


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