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Wildflower Wednesday

This week’s Wildflower Wednesday feature flower is the Gray-headed Coneflower.

The Gray-headed Coneflower is a native wildflower that blooms from June to September. It grows 3-5 feet tall and can be found in prairies, roadsides and the edge of woods.

Its flowers are made up of yellow ray pedals and grey cones. (hench the name) The cone will produce100’s of little flowers. The flower has no smell but the crushed cone smells of anise.

Native Americans used it to alleviate sore gums and teeth, chewing on the seeds will make your mouth numb.

It is a popular food source for butterflies, bees, caterpillars and birds. Gold finches are especially attracted to its seeds.

It is an easy flower to get established and a good pick if you’re just starting out in wildflower gardening.

In the language of flowers, it is said to attract wealth and prosperity.


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