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Wildflower Wednesday

This week’s Wildflower Wednesday feature flower is Blue Vervain.

Blue Vervain produces upright clumps of flowers resembling candelabras. It blooms July – October and can be found in prairies and streambanks, preferring full sun and moist soil. It is native to all states except Hawaii and Alaska.

The Iroquois used an infusion of leaves as a witchcraft medicine "to make obnoxious persons go away." Dried flowers were ground into powder and sniffed to stop nosebleeds. Its seeds were ground and used as a flour substitute. It was also used as an antidote for Pokeweed poisoning.

The plant has an unpleasant bitter taste and needs to be processed correctly before ingested. It can also interfere with modern medicine, do not ingest it without consulting a Dr.

Blue Vervain flower essence is said to be beneficial for Type A personalities and people who tend to “overdo it.” Its essence helps one calm the mind, find balance, and relax.


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