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Wildflower Wednesday

This weeks Wildflower Wednesday feature flower is Culver’s Root 

Culver’s Root is a native wildflower that can be found in prairies and open woodlands. It can grow 2-6 feet tall and is topped with candelabra like flowers that bloom June – July.

This flower is especially appealing to bees and is a great plant to grow if you want to attract a wide variety of bee species.

Its common name, Culver’s Root is named after Dr Culver, an eighteenth-century physician who advocated for the medical use of the plant. (maybe not the best decision on account of its toxicity)

Culver’s root is toxic and causes a strong purgative effect and was often prescribed as a laxative.

Many Native Americas used it in spiritual practices to purge the body of evil spirits.

Because if it’s purging power, the flower has come to represent “releasing”. In the language of flowers, it is often used to help people release emotions or habits that no longer serve them.


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