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Wildflower Wednesday

This week’s Wildflower Wednesday featured flower is Spiderwort.

Spiderwort is a native wildflower that blooms in June and July. It has grass-like leaves and clusters of 3 petaled flowers that are purple in color.

Spiderwort flowers are ephemeral, only lasting one day. If it is cool and cloudy the flowers will last a full day but if it is sunny and hot the petals will wilt and turn to jelly by afternoon. New flowers are produced daily.

Where the name Spiderwort came from is disputed but it was clearly inspired by the flowers many spider-like attributes. Its stamens look like spiders’ legs, the secretions that come out of its stem hardens into web-like threads, the shape of its leaves turned downwards looks similar to a spider squatting and back in the day it was used to treat spider bites back.

In the language of Flowers, it is said to represent transient happiness. It is also thought to attract luck, abundance, and love.


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