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Wildflower Wednesday

This week’s Wildflower Wednesday feature flower is the Michigan Lily.

The Michigan Lily is native to WI but is rare. If you find a patch of them, consider yourself lucky.

It prefers full sun and moist soil often found in prairies or near streams. It blooms June – Aug with flowers that face downward and petals that curl back up to the stem.

Every part of the plant is fatally toxic to cats.

It is a popular flower for pollinators and a favorite of the Swallowtail butterfly.

It is often mistaken for the Turks Cap Lilly. The easiest way to tell them apart is to look for a green star shape at the center of the flower. If it has the star, it is likely a Turks Cap Lily.

The Michigan Lily is a popular flower used in Feng Shui. Associated with the element of Fire, the Michigan Lily exemplifies passion, enthusiasm, igniting creativity and moving aspirations forward. It is best placed in south facing locations.

**Do NOT pick a Michigan Lily that is growing in the wild, if you are interested in using it in your home you should purchase from a florist or buy bulbs from a Wisconsin Native Plant Nursery.


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