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  • Kirsten Kay

Weeks 45-52 Project 52, creating and kindness.

Weeks 45-48 - November


  • Sponsor a turkey for thanksgiving (and then don’t eat turkey for thanksgiving!)

  • Give a mom a break – babysit

  • Buy from kids who made ornaments as a fundraiser

  • Support small locally owned grocery store (even when a new, bigger, cheaper grocery store moves into the area.)


  • Moss headdress

  • Wicker headdress

  • Learn new ways to artistically edit portraits

  • Landscape photography

Weeks 49 - 52 - December


  • Give the gift of experiences instead of material items

  • Donate items for a charity’s welcome baskets

  • Use less single use plastic – Very hard to do since almost everything comes in plastic!

  • Forgive someone who treats you badly


  • Landscape Photography

  • Ginger bread house building

  • Learned new techniques for macro floral photography

  • Started designing some concepts for new projects I have coming up in 2020

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