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  • Kirsten Kay

Weeks 36 - 44, Project 52 creating and kindness.

Opps, I’m 2 months behind in my postings! I’m pretty sure this just firmly establishes that I suck at staying up to date on this social media thing. The last 2 months have been crazy busy in a good way. September and October are my favorite months of the year so I tend to spend a lot of time outside, traveling and enjoying autumn. This also means I spend even less time thinking about social media. Even though I have not been posting I have still been working on the actual project 52 activities. Here are my updates for weeks 36 – 44.

September Kindness:

· Left enough money in vending machines for the next person to get something for free

· Did a free photo shoot

· Gave an extra generous tip to a waitress

· Took the extra time to show kindness to someone who was frustrating me. I made a point to try to meet this person with extra kindness, patience and understanding instead of frustration and annoyance.

I have also noticed that few of my initial kindness activities have become part of my daily routine now, like rounding up for charity on purchases and using paper bags or reusable bags when I shop.

September Create

Honestly the create part of this project 52 had been harder for me to keep up. I find that I have very closed minded ideas for what I was considering creating. I was defining it as time spent in my studio when in fact I create in different ways every day. I just don’t always have a finished art project to show for it. Sometime I’m creating events or creating a living space or creating my next big dream. So this month I’m opening my mind to new way I express my creativity.

· Created the initial sketches for a few new photo shoots that I’m planning over the next few months

· Worked on some interviews and photos for my Finding Joy project

· Worked on a fabulous photo shoot with the wonderful Sam and her animals (see picture above or on my facebook page)

· Started creating my plans/dreams for 2020

October Create

· Photo shoot for my Finding Joy project

· Initial planning for new shoots

· Creating new space in my house and in my studio

· Starting on my plans for my 2020 project 52

· Photographing the fall colors up north

October Kindness

· Free photo shoots

· Pick up trash on walks

· Go the extra mile to make someone’s birthday extra special

· Compliment people in person

· Spend a few extra minutes listening to someone who needs to talk

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