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  • Kirsten Kay

Weeks 32 - 35 - Project 52, Kindness and create

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

August was a great month! I wrote up a long post about all the wonderful things that happened, all the acts of kindness I did and all the opportunities I had to create. I was excited to share but when I went to post it, it was gone, somehow deleted. Ugh! So I wrote it up again and talked about finally taking the encaustic class I've been waiting over a year for, about a wonderful event I did at the Garden of Angels, about the kids that I bought lemonade from. And when I went to post it, I lost it! somehow it was gone again! (Did I mention that I have a love - hate relationship with technology?) Now I'm over it and ready to move on so here is the short and sweet version of weeks 32 - 35.


Encaustic art pieces and prop designs for photo shoots


Support local kids lemonade stand

Free family photo session

Offered free portraits in the garden at Garden of Angels

Donated pillows for Hope House

Volunteered for nonprofit board

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