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  • Kirsten Kay

Week 8 and 9 Creating and Kindness

Week 8

For my week 8 kindness practice I bought a friend's dinner and a coworker's lunch.

For my create activity this week I started a new project that revolves around a bus. Yes, that's right, a bus :) I will be posting more about that project in the future separate from my project 52. Just know it is a crazy idea I've had for a while now that I'm finally bring to fruition.

Week 9

For my week 9 create project I spent some time outside taking pictures, something I have not done in over 2 months. I had to work in a rural area in the southwest part of the state and while I was driving around I was fascinated by the wind blown snow and the blue sky and how in some places it looked as if I was on anther planet. Even in the below zero winds I got out of my car and spent some time trying to create photos that captured what I was feeling. Its been a while since I've been out photographing and it was very energizing getting out and doing it again

For my week 9 Kindness practice I made a point to send birthday wishes to people on Facebook. I try to do this regularly with the people I'm close to but this week I decided to post wishes to people I don't talk to very often . Facebook is always telling me who's birthday it is and I tend to get to caught up in my own life to pay much attention but this week I made a point to tell people that I was happy they were born.

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