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  • Kirsten Kay

Week 3 of 52 weeks of creating and kindness

For my week 3 create project I finished the crackle paste painting that I started on last week. I tend to struggle with knowing when a piece is finished and when I walked away from this on Friday I thought I would be working on it again but when I revisited it today I decided that I liked how it was looking and am calling it done.

For my project kindness I chose a practice from this teaching by Domo Geshe Rinpoche.

Choosing Positive Emotions

One thing that really stood out for me in this teaching was the idea that you can't solve problems by meeting negativity with negativity. It got me thinking about how often in my day to day interactions do I automatically react negatively to negativity? For this week I chose to make a point of reacting compassionately and patiently to the negativity (or what I perceive as negativity) of others. Whenever I was confronted with someone I disagreed with or that made me impatience or frustrated I stopped myself and worked on addressing the issue with compassion and understanding.

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