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  • Kirsten Kay

Week 1 of 52 weeks of Creating & Kindness

Week 1 of my 52 week project of creating art and practicing kindness is done! I found practicing kindness was easier than I thought and that finding time to create was harder than I thought.


For my act of kindness this week I gave a gas card to a personal care worker. Personal care workers are underpaid and over worked and play a vital part in enabling the elderly and people with disabilities to keep their independence and stay in their homes. If you know one, thank them!

I also said yes when asked to round up to donate for a charity. Normally I would of just said no and not really paid attention to what they were asking for money for, but this week I decided to say yes. Obviously it’s not much money but it felt good to say yes and learn more about the charities they were raising money for. I was asked at the grocery store to round up for the food pantry and then again at a thrift store to round up for a blanket drive. Every little bit helps!

An added bonus this week was that I was also on the receiving end of a random act of kindness. While I was in line the craft store the women in line behind me gave me her 50% off coupon to use on my crackle paste!


This week was short and busy because of the holidays but I finally made some time today to work on some projects. My first one was to start working on an outfit for a stylized photo shoot I’ve been planning. It’s not done but at least it’s started.

I also revisited a photo that I’ve been meaning to edit for a while now. This photo was one of the first photos that I took that really excited me and pointed me in the direction of fine art portrait photography. When I first took it I didn’t have much experience with photo editing and I have always wanted to go back and improve it.

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