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  • Kirsten Kay

2019 - Creating and Kindness

I am doing something a little different in 2019, instead of focusing on building my business I’m intentionally taking some time to throw myself into creating more art and giving back. I will still be available for portrait sessions but my main focus will be on creating and bringing to life some of the projects that have been percolating in my mind for the last year.

To help me stay on track I’m restarting my blog and committing to a Project 52. My project 52 for 2019 is to create something new each week and to practice Random Acts of Kindness each week. I have created the following guidelines to help me stay focused and accountable.

1. Focus more intently on my Passion Projects

  • Creating conceptual, fine art portraits images with normal everyday people.

  • Finding joy - a passion project I’ve been slowly developing for the last year. I’m interviewing and photographing people who are joyful. This year I want to expand it and possible find a location to have an exhibit next year.

  • Headdress - Basically I create Head dresses and then photograph people wearing them.

2. Do 12 self-portraits.

  • This one is WAY ,WAY, WAY out of my comfort zone. Just thinking about it makes me nervous, so much so that I’m not 100% sure I can follow through on it. But I think that it is important to do things that scare me every now and then so I’m giving it a try. I have heard from many other photographers that a self-portrait project is life changing so I’m trusting and jumping into it despite my fears.

3. Donate one photo session each month for my Share the Love project

  • Part of my personal Project 52 is Random Act of Kindness. I wanted to incorporate kindness into my photography life as well so I’m donating a photo session each month for all of 2019. (If you have a ideas of charities that could use a photographer for a project or of an individual who could use a little kindness and a confident boost please send me an email, I'd love to hear your ideas!)

4. Share all this on my blog/social media each week.

  • Mainly to help keep me accountable but also in hopes that my sharing will inspire others.

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